Our Equipment and Assets Will Live On

To Our SenseAbility Families, Friends and Donors ‌
As we prepare to close our doors for good on June 30, we thought it was important to let you know the future of our assets and equipment.

Massachusetts law requires that when a nonprofit ceases operation, all assets must be transferred to another nonprofit that is in good standing with the Attorney General’s office. Our board of directors took this missive very seriously, as we wanted to work with a nonprofit that not just could take our assets, but one that matched our mission of creating a safe, judgement free space where families could be themselves. It was important to us that as many of our families as possible could continue to utilize the services and equipment that we have, while staying true to our commitment to help families in the central Massachusetts area.

Once we laid out those terms, it became clear that there was one agency/nonprofit in our area that could do all of those things: HMEA Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. HMEA has been with us from the beginning: supporting us with a grant to help buy equipment when we opened, staffing our very first sensory clinic that helped bring new families into our space, and consulting with us and providing financial assistance to families as we added new services and activities at SenseAbility Gym. We were honored to staff their sensory corner at their HMEA 5K walk last April, and we have worked closely with Director Sue Loring and her staff all these years. This decision works for both SenseAbility Gym and HMEA Autism Resource Center. Our closing coincides perfectly with the grand opening of their new center on Plantation Street in Worcester – a space that will co-locate their children’s center based services with their outreach and other family education and support services. Our equipment will be part of their new children’s space. All of our assets will be used to support children and families in central Massachusetts. Their new location will make it much easier for families to get to them, and for their staff to connect with families. Our mission to provide a safe, judgement free space for families continues with a well established, well staffed, and well loved local organization.

This transfer of assets is subject to approval by the state Attorney General’s office and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, so the exact timing of this transfer has yet to be determined. We will inform you all when this takes place. HMEA will be hosting an open house in the fall when their new space is open. As you can imagine, closing our doors was a difficult decision and these weeks have been bittersweet. But knowing that our equipment and our families will be well taken care of has made this all a bit easier. We are grateful to our board of directors, the board and staff at HMEA, and all of our families and friends for their support to make this happen. Thank you all again for this incredible journey. As it says on our wall: “As soon as we saw you, we knew an adventure was going to happen.” We are honored with your friendship and hope we played a small part in helping you and your family.

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