StreetSign2.JPGOur Mission Statement

SenseAbility Gym Incorporated is a nonprofit corporation serving special needs children in the greater Hopedale, Massachusetts area. Our mission is to provide a parent-led sensory gym, giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs. This is the first of its kind in the metrowest area of Massachusetts.

SenseAbility Gym’s goal is to create a community where its members feel welcomed and supported. We believe in the fact that all children deserve access to the types of therapeutic equipment used in their schools and their private occupational therapy clinics. We recognize that every special needs child is different and we welcome all learning styles and abilities. The gym is a place where parents and children can go to socialize with other families who share similar challenges.

SenseAbility Gym is a 100% volunteer organization.  No staff members take a salary for working at SenseAbility Gym.  All donations, grants and membership dues go directly into supporting our programs and mission.

The mission of SenseAbility Gym includes the following:

  • Community: SenseAbility Gym wants its members to feel welcome, and part of the special needs community.
  • Safe Sensory Play: SenseAbility Gym wants parents of children with special needs to feel there is a safe place to bring their children for fun, exercise and sensory support.
  • Acceptance: SenseAbility Gym has an environment that recognizes that all special needs children are different and that all learning styles, personalities, and abilities are welcome.
  • Support: SenseAbility Gym is a place where families of special needs children can go to meet other families who share the same struggles.

SenseAbility Gym Incorporated is organized as a public charity and is funded by donations, grants and membership dues. SenseAbility Gym Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) public charity.