Meet Our Vendors For Our 2016 Fundraiser

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Meet our vendors for our 5th Annual Wine/Food Tasting Fundraiser!

From our very first fundraiser in September 2012, we have been committed to supporting and highlighting local Hopedale and Milford businesses as a part of our desire to bring our whole community togetherWe are so grateful to all of these local businesses and their owners who have made our fundraisers so successful.

By attending our fundraiser, you are helping to support these amazing businesses.  We hope to see you there.

Hopedale Package Store: The Hopedale Package Store (130 Mendon Street, Hopedale) will be our vendor for our wine and beer for the fifth straight year.  Gary Neves has been our biggest supporter from the start, signing on as our very first vendor for our first fundraiser in September 2012.  Gary has a passion for locally grown products, and through his distributors, Atlas Distributing and Horizon Beverage , he will have a variety of organic wines and beers that night for us to taste. 

As you may know, the weekend after our fundraiser last year, the Hopedale Package Store had to close for several weeks after a car crashed into the front of the store.  We are so happy that they were able to rebuild and we look forward to continuing to support them in any way possible as they have supported us all these years.  Gary will have information about ordering the wines/beers that you taste that night, so you can support them too. Find them online at

The Little White Market and Catering: The Little White Market and Catering (Hopedale Country Club, 90 Mill Street, Hopedale) has been our food vendor for five straight years.  Tracey Liberatore has been on board with our cause from day one, providing us with delicious seasonal food items that match perfectly with our local connection theme.  Tracey has always been sensitive to the dietary needs of our families, and always provides a gluten free option so everyone has a chance to eat.

Tracey has recently moved her operations to inside the Hopedale Country Club and continues to provide excellent catering services as well as running the restaurant at HCC.  We are delighted that she can be with us again this year. Find Tracey online at

Green Mountain Chocolates: Green Mountain Chocolates (1 Rosenfeld Drive, Hopedale) has been our dessert vendor since our first fundraiser in September 2012.  Their incredible chocolates are made right in Hopedale and they are locally owned and operated.  When we went to Lisa at Green Mountain Chocolates to talk about what we were doing at SenseAbility and why, she was on board right away.  They have been incredibly supportive of our mission and our community, and we are grateful for their support.  Visit them online at

Gene’s Variety: Gene’s Variety (80 Water Street, Milford, MA) joined us for our 3rd annual fundraiser in 2014 and have been with us ever since.  They are a locally owned sandwich shop and grocery store and have been in business in the same spot in Milford for years.  They were recently named one of the best places to get a sandwich in Milford by the Milford Patch. We are incredibly grateful for the support from Laura and the whole crew at Gene’s for providing us with delicious sandwich and pizza bites for our food tasting.  Find them online at

confectionism: confectionism (2 Evergreen Lane, Hopedale) also joined us for our 3rd annual fundraiser in 2014 and Alison has been making incredible desserts for us ever since.  A locally owned bakery in Hopedale, Alison caters everything from large weddings to birthday parties to small gatherings.  She specializes in unique desserts that cater to differing dietary needs, including gluten free and dairy free.  She is part of an extensive network of local wedding and event vendors and can help with any of your dessert catering needs. We are so lucky that Alison will be making some of her incredible desserts for us again this year. Visit confectionism online at

Hens and Chicks Cookie Company: Hens and Chicks Cookie Company (Dutcher Street, Hopedale) is our newest addition to our vendor list, joining us last year right after they started their local cookie bakery. While they are our most recent addition, we have known Susan and Chris (the owners) for years.  Both have been supportive of our mission at SenseAbility since we opened, and when they started their home based cookie company, we just knew we needed them at our fundraiser.  Hens and Chicks uses only the freshest ingredients for their cookies and they are all made to order.  They are committed to supporting local businesses and farmer’s markets, and we are so grateful that they are a part of this year’s event.  Find them online at

A Very Special Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors and Our Venue:

The Crystal Room, 49 Cedar Street, Milford, MA (third year hosting our fundraiser)

Milford National Bank (sponsor for 5th year in a row)

Bright Insurance (1st year with corporate support, five years as our insurance provider)


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